The Unpredictability of My Crazy Life!


So a guy and girl both walk into a bar, they start to chat it up and everything seems to be going well, the chemistry is there, things seem to be aligning perfectly.  As the evening is winding down, the awkward exchange of “can I call you sometime?” ensues and they both hastily grab a napkin to write their numbers down.  They exchange them and coyly smile and walk away.  The girl walks back to her car with a grin on her face but soon ponders and realizes, ‘so when is a good time to tell him I live with my parents?’

Yup, welcome to my life….

Hi, my name is Dina Arsenault and I am a 43 year old single career woman who lives with her aging parents.  Feels weird saying that out loud.  This is NOT how I pictured what my life would be like at this stage.  At least, a committed relationship and a child maybe, a house of my own, but taking up the entire upstairs of my parents home as ‘my space’ was not on my radar as my new reality that is for sure.

But as we all know, life can be one hell of a crazy ride and I am living proof of that!

Just a little backstory for you all, I had originally grew up in the Niagara region but like most who lived in the region in the 90’s got an itch to explore and live anywhere but here. Well the year 2000 arrived, and with my Communications Degree and my Broadcasting  Diploma in tow, I was about to make my wish came true.

No less than a week after graduating Niagara College I hopped on a plane, leaving my family and friends behind and began my quest to start my new life on the west coast, full of hope and wonder on what my new life adventure would have in store for me.

Oh and there was a boy waiting for me out there as well, yes I know cliched but true.

Like life always is, the next 13 years of West Coast Living was full of its own trials and tribulations, no film career, broken heart and wondering how I was to pick up the pieces.

What was the most profound thing that was missing in my life I wondered?

FAMILY was the answer.

So here I am 2 years later, replanted back in the Niagara Region trying to navigate and rebuild a new life, launch my own Digital Media business with a new and some would say unorthodox  living situation.

I welcome you to come along on this ride with me, the ups the downs the frustrations and triumphs of taking care of aging parents, starting my own business, my quest for a healthier lifestyle and even a tiny tidbit of getting myself back into the dating world and everything in between.

Come on and jump on board this crazy train, did I mention that I have wine?

No seriously I do 🙂

Who knows where the next stop just may be!



3 thoughts on “The Unpredictability of My Crazy Life!

  1. Your life is the spitting image of mine when I see it like this, only the places and the bar parts being different–I can’t drink, if you remember. 😉
    In Japan, a daughter living with their parents would be perceived as a caring person, and all the more so if they are aging. I know the culture here is very different from that in Canada, but I’m sure there are guys who see you just like I do–a kind and loving person who cherish her loved ones. And that kind of a person is worth exploring the possibility of the future together.
    I look forward to reading all the life stories that you have in store.


    • Hello Sarah,

      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your wonderful comment!

      Yes Canada is a much different culture than Japan, but we are learning. Given the economic situation here, you will find that many more older children are returning to the parents homes to not only take care of them but for the parents to help them out financially by providing a much cheaper or in some cases a free place to stay.

      It is a learning curve that is for sure, but I would like to thank you for coming along on this ride with me 🙂


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