The Life & Times Of A Serial Dieter



Hi, my name is Dina and I am a serial dieter, a statement that I am sure many of you have made at some point in your lives .  I believe I was 13 when I went on my first ‘diet’ as I lived in a house with a mother who was overweight, and some would say obese.  I would watch as she hid food and snuck ‘forbidden’ treats late at night when she thought no one would hear or see.  I thought that this behaviour was normal and common place.  Isn’t this the kind of “healthy” relationship we are supposed to have with our food?

I can lose weight, I have many, many times, more times than I can count, but keeping it off and believing that I deserve to be healthy and happy has been another story.

I have been able to see firsthand the positive effects that having a supportive network of like-minded individuals can have not only on your business, but for a powerful way of life. This is what I am seeking to achieve for myself with all of you here.

So here we go again, I am starting my journey to a more healthier, stronger and more forgiving version of myself and I am inviting all of you to come along with me.

What makes this time different you ask?

This time and honestly for the first time in my life, I AM DOING IT FOR ME!

Every other time I did it, it was for others.  How others thought of me was so wrapped up in my own impression of my own self worth.

I am worthy of being healthy on my terms and for nobody other than me.

The struggle is real, but I hope to be up to the challenge.

I have embarked on a 3 month meal and workout plan prepared by trainer Josh Hopkins I am not going to lie, this program is intense.  But, there is something you don’t know about me, I am an all or nothing kind of girl.  If I go, I go all in, BUT only if it is a challenge, if its a simple Jane Fonda workout I am not interested.  I need the challenge and structure to keep me interested and motivated to succeed.

Now, learning how to incorporate work/life balance and finally coming to the realization that eating healthy and exercising is not a punishment, but a gift to give is an ongoing inner battle, but I am working through it every broccoli stalk and painful, sweaty workout at a time.

So this is where I get very real with all of you.  To make me completely accountable and motivate me even further to succeed, I have decided to post my weight, measurements and before pics right here for all of you to see.  Being this vulnerable is very scary for me as I have a need to be in control, some would call this being a ‘control freak’ I like to call it having a powerful influence on the outcome of situations within my control 😛

So here goes:

Weight: 247 lbs

Right bicep: 13 inches

Bust: 46 inches

Waist: 44 inches

Hips: 49 inches

I will be giving you updates every month to let you know how my progress is going.  If any of you are embarking or have embarked on a similar journey, I would love to hear about it.

They say a journey begins with just a single step; well this girl for the next three months at least will be carrying a dumbbell with every one!


2 thoughts on “The Life & Times Of A Serial Dieter

  1. Good luck, Dina! I’ve started biking to work again to get back in shape. Wish me luck that I will not stop and that I won’t get injured, like the last two times I failed! Let’s work on it together!


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