The Sisterhood of Entrepreneurship in Niagara


Oh crap I am running late as usual, ok just plug in the address into your phone and get on the road!

This was how my morning began last Sunday, still groggy from not having any coffee or knowing where the heck I was driving too in Thorold, one of my quirks, I HATE driving somewhere I have never driven before, it gives me anxiety.  Thank the lord for Google Maps on my smartphone or I would still be circling around the wrong exit on the Trans Canada on my long trek back from BC back in 2013, but that is another story.  I only knew one person who was going to be at the 283 Performing Arts Centre:  Valerie Chalmers, a fellow social media manager who was the one responsible for putting this community collaboration project together to honour ‘The Women of Niagara’.

As you ladies know, venturing out into the world of entrepreneurship is a daunting, overwhelming and scary undertaking to say the least.  All are the emotions I have been feeling these past couple of months.  Questioning if I had made the right decision, if I was good enough, what if I fail at this age – what would I do then?  All of these things swirling in my head as I fight to figure out how to achieve a work/life balance as I take on this new eating and exercise program, where I feel like I am barely keeping my head above water.

Then, as I arrive in Thorold, I walk into a room full of laughter, silliness and fun; women of all walks of life coming together to support, empower and honour each of our uniqueness and beauty.  I immediately let out a sigh and knew I was going to be OK.  We are all creative, loving, supportive and uplifting women who have come together on this occasion to honour not ourselves but each other.  No matter what you do in your life, know that you have qualities and values that deserve to be recognized and rewarded.  I am calling all you mom’s, teachers, business  women, coaches etc.  and letting you know, YOU MATTER!  It has taken my almost 44 years on this planet to finally figure that out.  I have found my tribe, my community of women that I have been searching for, I am finally home.  Niagara FINALLY feels like my home again after being away for over 13 years and for that I am truly grateful!

For on this day, we were pampered with professional hair and make up, interviewed about who we are and what we contribute and feel about being apart of the community of Niagara and photographed to commemorate this special day.

I felt special and important, something we should all feel.  I know that each day can be a challenge with where my life is right now, but now I know if I take a breath I can take each day as an opportunity to grow and evolve into the woman I am destined to be.  The ‘Me’ today is pretty awesome, but I strive to always grow into my best version, moulded by the trials, failures and successes I have experienced to date.

I am a work in progress and you know what that is OK, we all are, us Company of Women.

Thank you ladies for welcoming me and making feel like I am a part of something special, we all are ‘Women of Niagara’ and for that I am grateful and humbled.

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For complete coverage and pics, please click’s wonderful write up here: Women of Niagara.

Until we meet again, love and light I send to all of you ❤

Love Always,

Dina xxoo




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