Life of a Serial Dieter #3 – 2 Month Update

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Well here we are again, I am officially 2 months into this new health & wellness adventure.

This past month has been quite the emotional journey for me.  I have hit some emotional and physical plateaus.  You know those times when it seems like the freaking number on the effing scale is just not moving..AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Sadly, this has been my reality for this month, but is it sadly?

I think this plateau has forced me to look inward and really feel what I am feeling, discover what the source is and how I am going to ‘healthily’ deal with it instead of my go to of going to my good old friend – delicious, sweet mother of god, delicious mouth watering FOOD!

Sorry my mind wandered a second there, but I am back 🙂

Now not to say the scale hasn’t moved this month it has, just not nearly as much as I thought it would.  So my effort in being transparent with this whole journey here are my stats for this month:

  • Weight: 239.6 lbs
  • Right Arm: 14 inches
  • Bust: 44.4 inches
  • Waist: 41 inches
  • Hips: 47 inches

So this means, I lost 1 lb of ‘weight’, lost 1.5 inches in my bust and lost 1 inch in my hips and actually gained an inch in my arm.  So what does this mean? This means my body is changing, muscle IS being converted from my fat, as seen from the inches lost and not actual weight on the scale.

That effing scale has been the bane of my existence for the majority of my adult life and I need to redefine this relationship. That number does not define me!!!!

For the first time I can honestly tell you all truthfully, my goal for this journey is for my body to tell me how it wants to be defined.  I am doing the right things to be the best version of myself and I am noticing it transform but not in the ways that you might think.  I have increased my strength significantly since I started.  When I started the free weights I was using at most 10lbs, and now I have graduated to 20 – 25 lbs depending on the exercise.  That is huge!

I now have an increased endurance, speed, stamina and ability that I did not have when I started.  I can now RUN my mountain climbers instead of walking my legs in and I actually jump my body back into the push up position when I do a burpee now.  For me that is significant.  I no longer feel confused and out of place when I go into the gym, I look and feel like I belong, and you know what, I FUCKING DO!!

I am sleeping better and have better focus and thought processes.  But more than anything, at the end of all of this, I want to be able to truthfully define what being ‘healthy’ is for me.  Not a sliding scale defined for all women, but what it means for ME, Dina Arsenault, single, 44 year old woman living in Niagara!  I hope for all of you who read this, you can find what that will mean for you as well.  I really do 🙂

Having the stamina and strength to live an active lifestyle is such a different goal and mind set for me.  But, if that means my body weight does not change at all, so be it, because the definition of health is not whether I fit into a size 2 or not, but it IS defined by how the quality of my life has improved. And you know what, it already has improved for me; for the first time I am making my health and wellness a priority in my life and not something that can be dismissed as irrelevant or something to do later.

I matter, and so do all of you!

So, I made a decision, for this update anyways, I have decided that instead of posting a pic of me to go along with this, I would refrain from that and honour the other things I have discovered about myself this month and let this update be about those improvements over the physical ones.

So I have one month left on this 3 month plan and I wonder what I will discover about me and this process this next month?

Who knows maybe I will  finally find a way to make Kale so I can eat it without gagging…Mmmmmmm nope I don’t see that happening 😛


Anywho, as always, thank you for coming along with me on this crazy journey and I throw this question out to all of you, how do YOU define healthy for you?

I  would love to hear your insight!

Until next time,

Love and Light I send to all of you!


Dina xxoo


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