Lets Redefine Feminism On Our Own Terms Shall We


I am not going to lie, right up until this point, I really did not have a clue as to what I was going to write about this week.  I hymned and hawed on what would be an interesting topic for not only me to write about but what all of you would be interested in reading as well. But, my mind kept coming back to what I had witnessed over the weekend to my friend and colleague; she was bullied and harassed by a group of women online who heralded themselves for being the shear definition of empowerment and support under the guise of feminism, for not fitting into their own narrow definition of what a feminist should feel and behave like.

Ummmmm What????

So I knew I had to tackle this head on and put my thoughts into the ring so to speak.

To start, let’s look at the encyclopedia definition of Feminism:

” the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.”

Seems straightforward enough.  But as we all know, this definition has evolved over time just as our society at large has evolved as well.

Today, we have very different factions of feminist movements looking to fight for what they perceive is injustice and inequality towards women all over the world based on what is happening in their region and or country.  All admirable and justified in the fight for women’s equality and rights and freedoms.

But, when I see the term feminism used as a weapon by other women to scold or manipulate, control or oppress the very women they so proudly say they are empowering and uplifting I have to put my foot down and say something, and that something is FUCK YOU!

I am so tired of this toxicity that has been bubbling over amongst groups of women both on and offline.  Why are we spending so much time tearing each other down when we should be building each other up? 877a67b9648e18b2ecf225931fda2b4a

We have become our own worst enemies, gossiping and comparing ourselves to this unobtainable perfect woman we are all told we should aspire to be and not just from the mainstream media but from other women as well.

Guess what, I am a feminist and I too have issues with my self image, weight, being good enough, pretty enough, strong enough.  And you know what, that doesn’t make me any less of a feminist, it makes me a FREAKING HUMAN BEING!

Too me Feminism is ANYTHING a woman feels, thinks or does, no matter what form that takes.  Only requirement is that it was done by a woman, yup, only requirement in my books.

We all have free choice and we should not be made to feel less than because our choice is not yours or a choice that fits in perfectly to this preconceived notion of what a feminist should look and act like.

Guess what, us feminists come in all shapes and forms; career minded women, stay at home moms, artists, daughters, sisters etc.  All ages, ethnicities, religious backgrounds and sexual orientations. How we chose to define feminism and our place within the context of that term is entirely up to us!

Will we have differences of opinion or points of view?

Yup, Absofreakinglutely!

But you know what, that is OK, no really it is. And I will still consider all of them a part of the sisterhood of feminism.

So when I witness, a group of women attack and bully my friend just because she chose to reveal her vulnerability about how she was feeling about her self image in a raw captured moment, it angers me.

This was a perfect opportunity for these women to rally around and support, empower and applaud my friend for being vulnerable and authentic in who she is and choosing to own it, flaws and all.  But no, they chose it as a sign of weakness that should be pointed out and scolded for having.

So what is the answer?

I believe the answer lies within all of us.  Simply put, treat others how you would like to be treated.  Seems simple enough, don’t you agree?

So I challenge you, my fellow sisters and brothers who align themselves with the need for equality amongst the sexes, lets seek out and align ourselves with our ‘tribe’ so to speak and let’s start our own feminist movement, a movement that applauds ALL women no matter their differing points of view into a sisterhood of empowerment and support.  Let us be the change we want to see in this world and let’s start our own revolution, a revolution of positivity for ALL!


So what do you say are you in?

Once again, thank you for reading my weekly ramblings, your support does not go unnoticed!

I look forward to your feedback 🙂

Love and Light I send to you always,

Dina xxoo


2 thoughts on “Lets Redefine Feminism On Our Own Terms Shall We

  1. my suggestions to anyone wanting to change things is first learn to accept self as it is. Not be wishing to be prettier, smarter, slimmer, Yes go ahead and wish for more healthy and then learn how best to accomplish it. The same with people wanting to change things in society . Learn to accept what makes our society the way it is. How is has evolved to what it is today and stop wishing for it to be dif. Learn how to make it more healthy a bit at a time and do it. No one can fix it all. We just all need to our own bit.


    • Agreed Gail. We all have our own journey’s and how we navigate them is up to us absolutely. My wish is that instead of creating more obstacles we create a network of support for those who need it. We are all in this thing called life together and no I am not wishing for it to be different. I want to spark the conversation that actual concrete change can come about by acknowledging that these disparities exist and how we can work together to make the change happen. Thank you for stopping by and contributing to the conversation. Much appreciated 🙂


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