Planting The Seeds For Growth

In light of the unbelievable tragedies that have happened recently in Orlando Florida, the murder of YouTube sensation and former ‘The Voice’ contestant Christina Grimmie and the mass shooting in a LGBTQ nightclub, everything in me wants to react and write a scathing blog on the despicable behaviour of those who participate in the propaganda and detrimental behaviour associated with the hateful act of homophobia and the desperate need for gun legislation and gun control in the United States.

BUT, I am choosing a different approach, an approach that will promote community building and networks of support systems that can directly uplift and give a hand up to those who need it; sustainable organic community based farming.  Now, before you all go crazy and comment, “But Dina what the hell does one thing have to do with the other??”

Well let me tell you, what happened in Orlando is horrific no doubt about it, an act that needs to be addressed and hopefully a viable solution can be determined so it doesn’t happen again in the future.  I as an individual have been promoting equality for ALL, no matter what sex, age, race, ethnicity and or sexual orientation since I could form complete thoughts and sentences and I will continue to do so until my dying breath.  But, I feel that the answers to something of this magnitude in another country is beyond my scope and control.  How I choose to react and learn from this ordeal however is well within my reach and control.  I could become angry, outraged and continue to spread the hatred and negativity within and amongst my community.  I could do that, but how will this benefit me or my neighbour? The answer, it doesn’t.

So why not focus on things that will have a positive impact on the community in which ILocal-Food-quote live and work?  My community of Niagara is in desperate need of a sustainable organic food economy affordable and accessible for ALL no matter their sexual orientation, race, ethnicity or socioeconomic status etc.  We have a high rate of unemployment in this region and with it a high disparity for access to healthy food for those who fall below the poverty line.  This disparity has created a lot of anger and resentment amongst the ‘haves and have nots’. These are real tangible issues happening in my community, right now.

So, I have decided along with organizations like the Niagara Farm Project to make it my mission to promote the importance of creating a sustainable local food economy for all. This region is abundant in natural food resources, EVERYONE should have access to wholesome, organic food instead of the cheaper mass produced processed ones we see littering the shelves.  These mass produced food stuffs are nothing but poison and serve no place in our bodies.

How can we expect those who do not have access to healthy permaculturally grown food to ever have a chance for mental and physical health and well being, to better their life circumstances and end the cycle of poverty?  The answer is, we can’t.

So here I am, starting my very first backyard organic garden.  Modest and small but it is mine.  Beyond flower beds, growing vegetables for my family’s consumption is very new to me.  Getting outside and getting my hands in  the dirt is meditative and cathartic. Growing food to better my families health and contributing to a cause that can directly positively impact my community is so rewarding and tangible.  I believe that if you put good healthy food and energy into our bodies, good and positive things will result for both ourselves and our respectable communities.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not so naive to think planting organic veggies will lead to better gun legislation, less gun violence and equality for all, I mean I get that.

But contributing to the betterment of society and our communities by getting back to the earth and feeding our bodies and our souls with good nutrition, creating sustainable support systems amongst our neighbours can and, will start a positive chain reaction of community involvement and cooperation.  And that ain’t all bad!

Be the change you wish to see in this world.  And I wish to see positive community building and uplifting those less fortunate so we may all have a level playing field.

I encourage you to find an organization or cause you believe in and focus your energy on that.  Fill the world with positivity so hate will no longer have a place to live, fester and spread.  I choose growing wholesome food for my family and my community as my cause of choice; a choice that can have the biggest positive bang for its buck so to speak.

If you are looking for an organization here in Niagara that is focusing on building a sustainable permaculturally grown food economy for EVERYONE no matter their socioeconomic status please click the hyper link for these organizations; Niagara Farm Project, Greening Niagara and Greener Learning.


This is how I choose to contribute positively to my community, how about you?

Before I go, I would like to send my deepest condolences to all of those impacted by these senseless tragedies and send nothing but love and healing vibes for you, your families and your communities. ♥

Spread Love and Love Will Spread…

Thank you for taking the time to read my weekly ramblings and I look forward to your feedback and comments!

Love and Light Always,

Dina xxoo


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