What are YOU Worth?



When you think about who you are and what you contribute to your family, to your friends, coworkers, to society and more importantly to yourself, what are you worth?

This question came up again for me after I recently attended an evening of female empowerment put on by Jenn Wallace the creator and CEO of The GWEn (Growing Women Entrepreneurs) Conference. The evening started at a lovely little cafe’/wine bar in Jordan, surrounded by lovely women and fellow Niagara Region Women Entrepreneur’s all laughing, eating, talking and drinking in the positive and empowering atmosphere we were all creating together.  After a little time, we were asked to take our seats and prepare for the evening’s featured speaker, Agnes Apps of ReHolistically Speaking.  She was very captivating as she explained her life struggle with always having to be the ‘responsible’ one, taking on the emotions and the ‘baggage’ of everyone who directly impacted in her life, family, friends, coworkers.  Sound familiar with any of you?

She then went on to explain that we as women especially empathetic women take on the most energy that is put out around us which leads us down our road of stress, anxiety and feelings of not being good enough or worthy. When we work to clear our minds of others projected energy, be in the present, we are then able to physically balance our bodies and empower our very  souls.

Now this very notion struck a chord with me.  As some of you may know I have been on my own journey of personal work for some time now after leaving an abusive 7 1/2 year relationship and having to battle back from my own personal rock bottom.  Having that little voice always in the back of my head telling me how I am never good enough or pretty enough or smart enough some days feels like an all day battle.  I had noticed that these insecurities had started to leak into my business as well.

Was I pricing my services too high?  Should I lower them just so I can get clients?  Can I really start my own business? All questions entrepreneurs especially women entrepreneurs face most days.  But then another voice, that was quiet, almost in a whisper, reverberated through all the other ‘noise’, and she said,  Yes you can…


Knowing your value is so paramount when you are starting your own business.  It is a scary and sometimes lonely endeavor.  When the calls are not coming in, you begin to doubt what you are doing is right or even if you are capable of achieving it.  One thing I have come to realize and was reaffirmed after Agnes spoke, was that we truly do attract the energy we put out into this world.  So if we are projecting negative energy, then negative energy is what we will receive with no business coming in.  Knowing and recognizing that your time, expertise and knowledge are worth the price you are asking, and projecting that into the universe, WILL bring the RIGHT clients your way; those clients that recognize the services and the expertise you are offering them is WORTH what you are asking .  It is the reciprocal relationship we all crave as business owners.  And if you find that a prospective client is not recognizing this, simply say NEXT and send them on their way so the right one can come along.  I have also come to realize that our own internal energy of self worth MUST be present in order for us to align it with what energy we are projecting out into the world.  If I don’t believe I’m worth it, then who will?

Yes I have done the personal work on this, that I will take ownership of, BUT, I must acknowledge the women who have come along on this journey with me, departing their own wisdom and friendship.  So here I acknowledge Kaare Long for taking me under her wing as my business and social media mentor who not only taught me everything she knows about PR but what you had discovered about life and sisterhood.  My mom Janna Arsenault – Haines, for always being my rock, a soft place to land when I needed and for never letting me go through life half assed.  Jenn Wallace, for welcoming me when I landed back here in Niagara and for being a true supporter of me and all women entrepreneurs, while truly holding up a mirror to myself and showing me I am worthy.  Debi Kasmar, for truly welcoming me into her tribe and always making me feel welcome and a part of her community.  Dana Smithers for showing me through the Law of Attraction for Business that being a successful entrepreneur really does lie within ourselves and what we chose to project out into the world.  Lastly, I would like to acknowledge my growing network and tribe of women I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with over these past few months.  You all have graciously welcomed me into our growing community of like minded women and it is because of all of you I now feel empowered enough to say, I recognize and acknowledge my worth and will never allow internal or external negativity devalue it again.

So as you can see, being a solopreneur does not mean you have to go it alone.  I have said it before and I will say it again, find your tribe and you will be AMAZED at what you can accomplish when you have the support and inspiration of others just like you.


Thank you for taking the time to read my weekly ramblings, that never goes unnoticed.  I welcome your feedback and I want to leave you with this question:

What are YOU worth?

I would love to hear your answers in the comments below.

Love and Light Always,

Until next week,

Dina xxoo


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