Finding Your Beauty In The Mundane


Hello Everyone,

Another week is upon us and for the first time I was truly stumped as to what to write about this week.  Nothing had me hot and bothered under the collar, nothing had me spinning and turning in the ‘what if’s’ or ‘what could be’s’.  My life at the moment is simply just caught up in the day to day, some would classify as the ‘mundane’ thing called Life.

Our lives really do exist 90% of the time in the mundane, day to day goings on of work, household chores, grocery shopping, paying bills, shuffling the kids too and from school and activities.  All things we know we must do but never relish in having to do them, ‘Just a part of life we all to often find ourselves muttering under our breaths.”

But why do we drudge this ‘mundane’ if so much of our life occurs in it?

Is it because we are always looking for that greener pasture, excitement we think everyone else is having as we scroll down our social media news feeds seeing who just got back from vacation, who is getting married, who had a night out on the town, who just got a big job promotion or who just bought a new house.  And here we are scrubbing toilets, picking up dirty laundry and yelling at our kids for the 11th time to ” freaking clean up their rooms!” All the while wishing your life was just a fraction of what all of your friends lives seem to be.

But what we always seem to forget, people showcase their highlight reel on social media, we don’t brag about cleaning up the dog barf on the living room rug! Well at least not all of us do! 😛

No, we only broadcast the good stuff, the stuff that we are excited about and want to share with others, maybe as a subconscious way to one up others I don’t know, but for some it leaves them feeling less than, that their ‘mundane’ life simply just does not measure up in comparison.

Find-BeautyPlease STOP comparing your behind the scenes to everyone else’s highlight reel!  Find the beauty in the mundane.

I know that sounds weird, but being present and truly living in the moment allows the presence of mind to just ‘be’ and find those little acts or occurrences that can and will bring you pure joy.

For example the other day, I was hand washing the ‘good dishes’ my Mom has had for over 50 years.  I found myself scrubbing the food off the blue and white Delf coloured dishes and with every cloth stroke I was able to remember some of the wonderful family dinners we have had on these very dishes.  The delicious food, boisterous, silly laughter, the love and companionship shared over these dishes truly is the true essence of what is so important and meaningful to me.  That was my little nugget of joy I was able to find in the mundane task of housework.

What little nugget of joy will YOU find if you were to just stop and be present in your day to day life?

It really is such a small but significant mind shift that can reap you such AMAZING moments of clarity and inner peace.

Beauty can be found in some of the most unexpected places, but only if we are open and willing to look for it.  If you do, those mundane lives we all lead will seem just that little bit brighter and worth sharing on Facebook. 🙂

Thank you for reading once again, I would love to hear your feedback and maybe moments that you were able to find the beauty in the mundane, I’d love to hear it!

Until we meet again,

Love and Light I send to you always,

Dina xxoo


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