Everything We Do Is Marketing

Hello Everyone,

I hope that you all had a great week, mine was filled with a weekend packed full of Canal Days and hanging with family & friends while filling in the gaps with the much needed work I needed to do for me and my clients.

This week’s blog post will be a bit “marketing-esque’ hence the title. This may happen sometimes, as I do work in social media and marketing so ideas for topics may fall within that scope from time to time.  So here we go…


As I was driving around my little town this past weekend, I noticed a couple things that stuck me; two completely different businesses with similar marketing deficiencies; the exterior of their businesses did not match what they say they can do as a business.

Let me explain, one business was a landscaping company and the other a driveway paving company, both did not live up to the title of what they do.  The landscaping company’s front yard was overgrown, plants were dead and the sign was being covered by overgrown weeds while the driveway paving company had a gravel driveway riddled with potholes.

Now I ask you, after seeing what I described to you concerning each business would you hire either one of them?

I get it, it is probably the age old scenario of the ‘cobbler with no shoes’, but as as business owner you must be aware that EVERYTHING we do is marketing!  How we present ourselves to the world both physically and online is the gateway to how we are perceived as an expert in our chosen field of business.  Whether either one of these businesses are exceptional at what they do and how they treat their customers is irrelevant, if we are first given the impression of ‘less than’ to start with.


The same can be said for social media managers, would you hire someone to manage your presence online when they themselves either don’t have a business social media pages or they haven’t made a post to any of their platforms in 3 months?  You may still meet with them, but your trust and belief in what they can offer will be diminished from the get go.

So to avoid any of this, simply have the ‘cover match the book’ so to speak when you present yourself to prospective clients.  Put yourself in the mind of your ‘ideal client’ and ask yourself ” what would I expect and want to see when I pulled up to the storefront and when I met with the owner, right down to doing business with them?”

Once you get your answer, make sure that you do everything in  your power to ensure that these expectations are met.  It is not just about getting a client, it is about getting the ‘ideal client’ the one you would want to do business with and build an ongoing relationship.

Once you have created this, be sure that your online presence is alignment with what you have created offline.  There is nothing worse than following a business online, really connecting to what they have to say on their social media platforms and the values they had been presenting to you,  you decide to take the plunge and take it offline, call or go to the business storefront only to be greeted with a totally different persona and image that you had created a relationship with online.  That is a huge disappointment, and you not only will have lost a customer but now this person will tell their friends about their inconsistent experience and they will tell their friends and well you know the story.

Consistency in business marketing is crucial for not only maintaining but growing your business both on and offline.  So the next time you make a post online or put up a new sign on your storefront ask yourself, does this give ‘value’ to my ideal client and will my efforts be congruent with who we are and where we want to go as a business?

If your answer is no, then you really need to rethink what you are doing and come up with a better plan of action that not only benefits your business, but will attract and maintain your ‘ideal client’ for years to come.

Thank you all once again for coming along and reading my weekly ramblings!

Let me ask you, have you ever gone into a local business and were completely disappointed with what you were greeted with or encountered either online or offline?

I would love for you to join the conversation!

Until we meet again,

Love & Light Always I send to all of you!

Dina xxoo


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