Time To #RideTheHose and Get On The Jetovator!

Happy brand new week everyone!

I can not believe that we are in the second week of August already, where is our summer going?

If you are an avid follower of my blog then you know that for my birthday this year I treated myself to a ride on the Jetovator.  What is the Jetovator you ask?  Well a Jetovator is a portable platform that is operated by 2 throttles attached to a PWC or Personal Water Craft by a hose that supplies the power to the platform so that the participant can fly up in the air….Sounds complicated right?  Well actually not as much as you think, let me go on and explain how I went from normal social media manager to extreme sport participant, flying in the air aerialist…well sort of..here goes..

A few months before my birthday I had a brainstorm as to what fun and outside of the box thing I wanted to experience for my birthday, you see every year I try to do something I have never done before to remind myself that I am truly alive and I need to celebrate that! Last year I went on a helicopter ride over Niagara Falls with Niagara Helicopters which was fun and exhilarating experience that I would highly recommend, that I had the pleasure to experience with my family.  So as I was scrolling through my Facebook Feed an Ad from 905 Rentals came up for the new season of Jetovator Rentals.  905 Rentals is a Jetovator, paddle board, kayak and jet ski rental shop in Wainfleet run by the charismatic and personable Brian Grant that I had the pleasure of meeting the year before at a networking event in Port Colborne.  The light bulb went off, YES this would be one hell of a way to ring in my 44th year on this spinning planet I exclaimed!  Well more in my head not out loud per say, but let’s continue 🙂

Happily my birthday arrived and off me and my parents went to #RideTheHose as they say. (You see, I had to have witnesses to this adventure and of course a back up plan to have someone drive me to emerg, but I digress 😛

We pulled up to 905 Rentals in Wainfleet located right across the street from DJ’s Roadhouse and went in.  We were greeted with smiles and enthusiasm for choosing to celebrate my birthday with them and for trying something outside of my comfort zone. Graciously, Brian offered me a wet suit to put on before we walked out to the beach, I accepted and went into the bathroom to change.  If any of you have ever put on a wet suit before (I never have) then you know, it is a workout all on its own.  I now have coined this experience as putting on the ‘body condom’.

So I walk out of the bathroom to be greeted by a look of confusion on Brian’s face as he nicely smiled and says “ummmm you have that on backwards”.  Yup, backwards people! I’m a dork..lol..So red faced and laughing uncontrollably I corrected my error in fashion and off we went on our trek to the beach, but not before I added a helmet and a life jacket to my fashion attire, because as we all know ‘safety first’, which goes quite nicely with my ‘body condom’ I was sporting dontcha think? 😛

We get to the beach which was FULL of people getting in some of their ‘fun in the sun’ on the cool waters of Lake Erie.  “Great spectators to my klutzy demise” I think.  So I take a deep breath and off we go into the water, oh did I mention that this was one of the windiest days they have seen in quite some time with white cap waves to go along with it, Awesomesauce…

We wade out and Brian gives me a quick tutorial on what I need to do to operate the platform, of course this demo is over waves crashing into me and my face.

So a little nervous and slightly confused all the while trying to balance myself on the platform I begin to wonder”What the HELL have I gotten myself into?” “Too late to turn back now” I say as Brian sends the first thrust of power to the Jetovator and….

Well instead of me telling you, why don’t I show you.  Click the video below and see the many..many..I mean many times I attempted to #RideTheHose that day.

Did I mention many times 🙂

Thanks to Brian and 905 Rentals for a Birthday I will never forget and of course to all of you for stopping by and reading my ramblings every week!

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below and if trying out the Jetovator interests you, then by all means give 905 Rentals a shout, they are top notch and can make anyone confident and ready to #RideTheHose no matter their abilities!

But before we go I would like to ask you all this, what have YOU done lately to push yourselves outside of your comfort zones and see what you are capable of doing?

I would love to hear!

Until next week,

Love & Light I send to you always,

Dina xxoo


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