Self Care is Not Selfish

Hello Blog Lovers,

Well here we have it, another season is upon us as we slide past Labour Day and into September.  Fall colours will soon be blooming, cooler days, boots and sweaters and a perfect time to reflect and take stalk of where we are and where we would still like to go for the remainder of 2016.

Over this past Labour Day Long Weekend, I had the opportunity to just get away and have a ‘girls weekend’ away with my Mom not far away, just in a little cabin overlooking Lake Erie right here in Niagara called Sunrise B&B Cabin on the Lake.  Seriously, where was my life before AirBnB!

In these past few years I have been concentrating on creating experiences with my Mom as opposed to just sharing material things.  Being poor growing up, it was the memories of talking, playing games, laughing, getting out in nature and sharing stories that were my fondest ones, not the toys or clothes I got, which in those days were few and far between.  I want to get back to that and in essence maybe make up for the time lost sharing and creating our own unique memories while living so far away in BC for so many years.

I brought my laptop and was still working while there, ahhh the life of an entrepreneur. Finally, got my work done and took a much needed break and poured myself a glass of wine and took a walk down to the lake and sat on a rock , listened to the waves hit the rocky shoreline, felt the cool wind blow through my hair and the warmth of the afternoon sun hit my face, and in that moment I finally took a breath and just became centered and present in this precious moment.  As I exhaled, this rush and wave of emotion came over me, I was truly present in my gratitude.  In that moment, things became clear, and a quote from one of my clients and good friend Michela Quilici  of Q Consulting, Marketing With A Purpose whispered in my ear, “Self Care is not Selfish”  Woahhhhhh game changer people – I finally GOT IT…

In my effort to always be there for my clients, my Mom, stepdad, friends, loved ones, general humanity I tend to forget about me and what I need to ‘fill myself up’ so I can reboot and recharge and be able to get  all of the things I want and need out of my life so I can give those things back to all of you.  Taking a moment in the day to just ‘Be’ is paramount for my well being and it is not selfish.  I mean I had heard this hundreds of times before and like most of us just filed it back in my brain where we store all the things we want to research further, but generally don’t because of our already enormous ‘to do’ lists.

Like most women I am a care giver, I am always looking to take care of everyone first and get to me later or most of the times not at all because I am too tired or burnt out by the time ‘Me Time’ actually comes around.  Taking a brief moment which was supposed to be a vacation anyways for me and my well being was not only needed but it taught me and reaffirmed that I matter, and my wants and needs do as well.  In that moment, I decided that for the rest of the weekend I was going to be present with my Mom, talk, laugh, eat, drink, take in the gorgeous scenery and tranquil surroundings just like we used to do and ‘fill myself up’ with all this goodness and just breathe, and that is just what I did.

Side note:  If you are looking for a local place to just get away for a few days that is not only reasonable but beautiful and tranquil then you MUST book at the Sunrise B&B Cabin on the Lake where I stayed! Leigh and Paul the owner go above and beyond with their hospitality. Warm, friendly and Leigh will cook you a feast for breakfast.  No seriously, we generally would only eat half and save the rest for lunch, that delicious and plentiful.  You can check out the cabin and my views here:

But I digress, back to the topic at hand…

Will I be able to ‘schedule’ these moments when I get back to the grind of everyday life?

Well, for the first time I have put them into the schedule and have consciously made my focus to now make them a priority.  It is a start and I am certainly a work in progress. They say writing down your goals is really giving your dreams a deadline, so here we go, moments of gratitude and self reflection each day, you have officially been penciled in…

Both Mom and I were fully changed from this shared experience of scheduling some ‘self care’ and we both look forward to making many more with each other. fullsizerender-1__large

Thank you again for taking the time to read my weekly blog posts,  that never goes unnoticed.  But before I go, I would like to ask you, what activities do you schedule through out your day to practice ‘self care’ for you?  Do you schedule breaks and eat your lunch away from your desk, or take a moment to just breathe and practice gratitude? Or it could be something else, I would love to hear!

Until we meet again,

I send you love and light always,

Dina xxoo



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