Time for Some Self Reflection

Hello my fellow blog lovers,

We did it, we are officially into the Fall season and I can not wait to break out my leather coat, jeans, boots and lap up all the applely, pumpkiny, spicy, colourful goodness that is Autumn here in Ontario.  It is also a perfect time to reflect and let things go both physically and emotionally, as it would seem to be that is how I am feeling as of late.


Allow me to explain…

Lately, I have been feeling both physically and emotionally sluggish and almost a resistance if you will, has been going on inside of me.  It has been a struggle to focus and stay motivated for both my professional and personal life.  I was just chalking it up to the hot weather or being tired from doing too much, but I don’t think that is what is going on.


Old fears of not being good enough or pushing myself outside of my comfort zone have decided to rear their ugly head once again and I can not figure out why.  Then it hit me, as I have been working on the first module for my Yoga Certification Training for my spiritual, emotional and physical work, I have also been working on my Law of Attraction for Business for my professional work, and I think by raising my vibration and tapping into my own intuition, a powerful cosmic shift has begun to move inside of me.  My old safe ways of thinking and feeling are being disturbed and are being pushed off balance and they are pushing back with a vengeance, not going down without a fight.

Blogging and sharing with all of you every week has given me an outlet to share how I am feeling in my life at any given moment; my thoughts, feelings, stories and emotions all bare for all to you to see and relate to. For that I am truly grateful.  But, it has also forced me to look within myself and acknowledge those thoughts and feelings and not dismiss them as irrelevant or something to bury out of shame, guilt or fear.  You see my business has grown quicker than I thought it would and I can feel that I am on the precipice of breaking through that bottle neck of just existing by keeping the balls in the air to flourishing, learning and evolving into the business I know and want her to be.  But, the thought of succeeding scares the crap out of me, if that makes any sense?  Failure sucks, we all know this, but it is what I know and it is what I find a twisted comfort in.  I know right, CRAY CRAY!

Fear of the unknown and being off kilter generally will stir up feelings of fear and trepidation of not being good enough inside of me, as this has been my general emotional life pattern. As the trees begin to change their colours and they begin to fall to the ground, I too need to be still and let go of any and everything that is not serving me emotionally, spiritually and physically.  I am feeling the need to purge.  Anything that I haven’t used or needed in the last 6 months is getting the ole heave hoe.  Look out closet I am looking at YOU!

Next week, I am going on a business trip or ‘workcation’ to Vancouver and I think this will be a perfect time to take myself out of my usual routine and surroundings and really shake things up a bit.  I will take some time in my new environment to be still and look within and listen to what my body, mind and spirit are trying to say to me and have the courage to roll with the new changes.  It is going to be a roller coaster, but I am ready to strap myself in and weather the ride no matter how many sharp twists, turns and bumps that may occur along the way.  I will stumble, misstep and retreat, but I will always get back into the ‘saddle’ so to speak and continue.  I didn’t come this far to come this far as they say. I am and I think we all are a work in progress just in need of a little tune up.  I hope you and the rest of the world are ready for my upgraded version of Dina 2.0!


Thank you once again for coming along with me every week, reading my stories, anecdotes and ramblings, that NEVER goes unnoticed!  But, before I go, I would like to ask you all one thing, what is your favorite thing about Fall and do you take it as a time of year to do some self work, be still and look within?  Can’t wait to hear your feedback!


Until next time,

Love & Light I send to you always,

Dina xxoo



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