From The Darkness Comes The Light


I’m Back!!!  Did you miss me?  I know I sure as hell missed all of you!  Things have finally settled down around here and I am back in the writers seat so to speak and ready to share with all of you.  Something occurred to me being away dealing with life these past few weeks; in order to understand your light in life you must first come into and experience the darkness.

Let me explain…

As I had mentioned and with respect of those involved, our family unexpectedly had to deal with some pretty serious family stuff these last two weeks.  We have come out on the other side of things but still have a bit of journey to go through before we are completely on the other side of it.

That being said I was very vividly reminded that we only have one life to live, so why do we constantly say “oh I will get to that someday” or “I have plenty of time”  truth is we don’t.

So what are we waiting for as ‘someday’ is not a day?!

Fear is one hell of a bitch of an emotion who really is the primary instigator or reason many if not all of us don’t go beyond our comfort zones and just grab our dreams and life desires by the short and curlies and go after them with everything we have.  Hell with everything we muster to NOT go after them would get us above and beyond.


What is it about going beyond what we and society have conditioned us to believe is all that we are entitled to that scares us so much?

Why is failure deemed such a ‘bad’ thing?

Hell some of my biggest failures have been some of the best life lessons I have ever had so how can that be a bad thing right?!

But, we are so conditioned to care about or place our own value into the hands of ‘them’ or society.  How many of you grew up with this phrase time and time again, ‘but what will they think?’  Either from your peers, family or friends.

Who the fuck is they and why the hell do we care about what ‘they’ think??

The only person that it should matter to is YOU!  No one else gets the power to determine what and who you should be.  Never give that up to anyone!  (Man I guess I am feeling a bit feisty tonight :P)

I have been living safe for far too long and that is why I am gonna make 2017 my bitch! (yup still feisty :P)

I am going to put this out there so I am accountable to all of you, I Dina Arsenault am putting world travel into my life and business plan for 2017.  Traveling the world and immersing myself in foreign lands, customs and drinking in the culture has been a dream of mine since I can not remember how far back.  But, I always said ‘one day I will’ or ‘now is not a good time’, and the famous ‘I can’t afford it’.  Since I have my own business now, I do have the power to make this happen for me.  Just by setting myself up as an entrepreneur I have set the wheels in motion for this to happen whether or not I consciously or subconsciously knew it.


Eeeeek I can’t believe I just said that out loud!  I will take my business with me on other continents and take in all that these exotic locales have to offer me both physically, emotionally and spiritually.  There I said it, no taking it back now!

My time is now, and I have begun the planning and now it is time to implement.  I don’t want to be safe any more I want to shake me out of this comfort zone and really choose to LIVE!  This is a huge step and I am scared shitless, but as I was reminded these past few weeks, life is short and the time to live is NOW!

So who is with me?  I could always use a travel buddy, just saying! 🙂

Thank you once again for all of you taking the time out of your busy schedules to read my weekly ramblings that never goes unnoticed or unappreciated.  But before I go, let me ask you this, what actions will you take to get you one step closer to going after your dreams today?  I can not wait to hear your answers!

Until we meet again,

Love & Light I send to you always,

Dina xxoo




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