It’s Time To Go All In on Me…

Hello my fellow blog lovers and followers!

Can you believe we are already onto our second week of 2017!  Time sure does fly when you are having fun 🙂

Now an interesting thing happened to me on the way to my office.  Yes my office is located directly across the hall from my bedroom, but whose counting 😛

Anywho, last week I got up on a Tuesday as I normally do, picked up my phone and checked it for any messages or engagements that may have occurred on my clients or my social media pages over the course of the night as some of my clients have international followers.  I know, I know – Not even a cup of coffee or brush my teeth before I launch into work?? I get it, I may seem a bit obsessive or some may call it committed to my work, but in the end that is what my clients pay me for after all.  Don’t worry, before I get the comments, “but what about you and your well being?”  Not to fret, balance is one of my key objectives that I am focusing on in 2017.

But I digress, nothing eventful so I continue downstairs and jump into the shower and get ready to tackle the day.  As I finish getting ready I notice that I have a voicemail message on my phone.  As per what you do, I listened to it.  To my surprise it was a call from a local Chamber of Commerce asking if I would like to come in for an interview for an open Special Events & Communications Specialist contract position with their organization. Needless to say I was surprised.  Promptly I called them back and spoke to the woman whom I was to be replacing as she was going on maternity leave.  We agreed upon a time for me to come in.  Got off the phone, curious and a bit excited at the possible prospect of having a 40 hour a week job, stable and secure income coming in.  A feeling that I am all to well accustomed to feeling and living.  Never really gave it much more thought, went about my day.  Dinner time came about, as I sat eating my dinner, thoughts of this new job prospect came trickling into my head.  “So if I get this job, I can still have my business, I can just work around it.  I can work as soon as I get home to schedule my client’s posts into the night.  Of course I would have to use my lunch hour to check for engagement during the day.  Probably would have to give up the gym, or extra curriculars and what if I land another client, how would I fit that work in?  All relevant ideas I needed to consider.


Finally it hit me, “when is it going to be the right time to go all in on you Dina?”  Having and growing your business has been your passion for the last 10 months, so why are you willing to put that on hold for a temporary stable position?

You know what, I wasn’t ready to give that up!  I am worth the time and dedication I have put into me and my business and as scary as it is, moving forward and truly committing even further to growing my business, IS the right direction for me.


Because I finally believe and realize that I am worth it.  Worth the work, dedication and commitment from who else ME!  2017 is the year that I dedicate to my financial, spiritual, emotional and physical well being through acquiring balance and growth in all of these areas of my life.  Self Care and Self Worth are on the menu this year and I am ready for many, many helpings!

Needless to say, the very next morning I called the very nice lady I spoke too the day before and let her know my plans.  She was so grateful that I took the time to call and let her know, many would just not show up.  Side note:  Even if you aren’t taking a position with a company, don’t be rude and just not show up, common courtesy goes a long way not only in life but in business as well.  Who knows you may need to use their services in the future and having left on a positive foot will get you much further in the process.

So there you have it – 2017 is the year I go all in on me!  Eek not gonna lie I am scared, excited, overwhelmed and determined all rolled up into one.  It is going to be one hell of a ride but did I mention that roller coasters are one of my favs! 😛


Thank you all again for coming along on this crazy blog ride with me, your support does not do unnoticed or unappreciated. But, before I go, let me ask you this – What is your focus either personal or professional for 2017?  I can’t wait to hear your answers!

Until we meet again,

Love & Light I send to you always,

Dina xxoo


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