The Intrawebs..Friend or Foe to Authentic Relationships?

Hello my fellow blog lovers and followers,

We are well into January and I can’t believe how fast the time is going.  This has not stopped me from taking the time to try and sit and reflect on what I am most grateful for (a new practice I am trying to implement into my daily routine) and what I want to concentrate on improving over the course of this upcoming year – Of course building and nurturing relationships with my family and friends are at the top of my list.

I don’t know about you, maybe it is just the nature of what I do, but I have clearly noticed that the landscape of my friendships has changed quite significantly over the years. I have created and nurtured a wide array of friendships globally due to my extensive use of the internet on a daily basis.

Various social media sites, like Myspace, (Yes Myspace my chat room and message board writing days have been going on for quite sometime ya’ll :P), Twitter and Facebook, along with various other chat rooms and the like, have enabled me to meet, chat and develop some quite amazing friendships with people I never would have had the opportunity to meet otherwise. Whether it is through music, film, political affiliations or charitable causes we happen to be both associated with, these commonalities have enabled us to find and forge a common bond or relationship with one another.

This raises the question, since we are hiding behind the safety of our computer screen and never actually having a physical interaction with one another, can it still be considered a “real” relationship?

I think yes and no.  Allow me to explain…

Yes, I believe that these relationships are real. I open up and talk openly and honestly with these people with no immediate fear of being rejected or dismissed – I am sitting behind this computer screen and in theory, am shielded. I am able to let my guard down and actually be the “real” me to whomever I am conversing with. It doesn’t matter what I look like, or what car I drive, or how much square footage my house is – When I am clicking my thoughts down on the computer keys I am just me. Without the tool of the Internet I would never of had the opportunity to meet, interact, learn and grow with and from these AMAZING people out of sheer geography.

Information sharing, learning about new cultures and different ways of living and seeing the world has allowed me to grow and evolve as a woman and a human being.  Fortunately, I have been able to physically meet some of these outstanding individuals  over the years, which added some much desired stamps on my passport and more importantly, enabled me to take these friendships to the next level.


Me, Fiona and Sue meeting for the first time in Paris for my 40th birthday!

On the other side, if one is using the Internet to create a persona or version of themselves because their self esteem is so low they think that they could never be the “real” them for fear of being rejected or made fun of – Then this is an absolute negative. When a computer screen and animated characters are replacing actual one on one interactions with anyone, this is where technology is a detriment. We as human beings NEED social interaction to function and have a sense of belonging. If we feel like we do not belong – Inevitably we will feel disenfranchised from society and very much alone. If our only sense of belonging exists on the Internet and not in the outside world this is where a tool used to connect us does the complete opposite.

YES, this detriment does include those who use the internet to lie and deceive others for criminal gain and malicious intent.  For the sake of length and chosen topic at hand, let’s leave that for another blog post all on its own!

So I guess what I am trying to say is, like anything in life, one can only get out of it what they put into it. Like any tool mankind has created in the light of advancement, be sure not to let its bright lights and pretty buttons blind side you as too what is really important in this life – Authentic friendships and genuine love.


Thank you once again for all of you who taken the time to read and follow along on this crazy blogging journey with me, your support and encouragement does not go unnoticed or unappreciated!  But before we go, let me ask you – Should relationships that we create and nurture exclusively online, be considered authentic relationships?  I look forward to your feedback!

Until we meet again,

Love & Light I send to you all!

Dina xxoo


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