2017 – The Year To Shake Things Up


Hello My Fellow Blog Lovers & Followers!

I gotta say I am not sorry in the slightest for the lovely mild weather we have been having for our winter here in Niagara – Fingers crossed it stays this way as we head into February – Yes FEBRUARY already!

Gotta say, January has been a bit of a blur for me thus far, with lovely new things happening with my business, using my passion planner, vision boards, guest blogging, networking and biz referrals, it has been quite a good first few weeks of the new year I do have to say.  However, when one part of my life is going well, the other parts kinda get left in the dust sadly.

Allow me to explain…

I decided as the clock stuck 2017 that I was going to go all in on my business this year, really give it everything that I got and make it into the powerhouse that I know she can be.

Something you need to know about me is that when I go all in, I go FREAKING ALL IN!

Now some of you may think, “well how is this a bad thing?” Well, what you don’t know about me is that when I go all in on something, I go all in to the point that the other aspects of my life kinda fall to the wayside.  My relationships, my health, my down time, family etc.

See my problem?

My theme words for 2017 are Balance and Growth – Well I am achieving the growth part, now I need to work on the balance part.  I have noticed that my usual watching what I eat and inflecting exercise into my daily routine has definitely fallen to the wayside as of yet and my old habits are creeping back in.  My weight has plateaued and so has my energy levels.

So, in a moment of  spontaneity I signed up for this years THE 5K FOAM FEST TORONTO taking place on July 15, 2017! Eeeeeeeek


No more phoning it in.  I have to train so I can complete this.  If I have something to focus on then I WILL make the time to put the energy into achieving it.  Yeah, just doing it for the betterment of me as the end goal, really doesn’t cut it for me to be honest. I know, I know it should – What can I say I am a work in progress 😛

Of course I will keep you all in the loop on my training wins and losses.  You are my peeps after all 🙂

Next step, I would like to start each day with a morning meditation, just so I can get my mind in the right place and set the tone for the day.  Not to mention, I need to get back to my yoga practice, I felt so much better when I did do it on a regular basis.

So there you have it universe, here is my new found  focus on achieving balance in my home and work life that I have been searching for probably the better part of my adult life.

I know that this is not going to be easy, but being aware of my actions and stepping back and refocusing on me and what I need to achieve the best version of me is a freaking huge step for me.  And that I am certainly very proud of!

Time to dust off those running shoes and lulu lemons and get some fitness on! Whose with me?  Together let’s make 2017 the year for focus, growth and balance for all of us!

If balance and growth doesn’t resonate with you – Then let me ask you, what is YOUR focus or key terms for 2017, I would love to know!

Once again, thank you all for coming along on this blog journey with me.  You taking the time to read them and continuously giving me your support does not go unnoticed or unappreciated!

Until we meet again,

Love and Light I send to you all,

Dina xxoo


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