Always Trust Your Gut…

Hello My Fellow Blog Lovers and Supporters,

What a week, full of changes and revelations. You know little miss universe will never let you get complacent, she will always keep you on your toes that is for sure!

So this leads me to this week’s blog post – Do you follow your intuition?


I never used to, but I am learning that I must for my own happiness and sanity.

Allow me to explain…

As I have touched on in previous blog posts, I have had to battle insecurities pretty much my entire life along with having bouts of social anxiety.  I have also come to the realization as of late that I may also have empathic tendencies as well.

What are empathic tendencies you ask –

“The action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another of either the past or present without having the feelings, thoughts, and experience fully communicated in an objectively explicit manner.” Websters Dictionary

I know that when I am around certain individuals their energy tends to make me feel stressed out and anxious and they are not necessarily doing anything in that moment to warrant me feeling this way.  This has been a freaking HUGE realization to me and so relevant to where I am in my life right now.

I was always plagued with what felt like a roller coaster of emotion throughout my entire life, and not understanding where it was coming from, caused me to second guess my instincts and abilities. Literally felt like I was fucking crazy!

But, when I look back on my life I notice my intuition has played a huge part in my ability to truly read people.  I mean TRULY read them, where individuals on the surface seem like the cat’s meow, and I see past all the spit and polish through to their true intentions, their true core. That core is generally nothing like what they are presenting to the world.  I can honestly tell you I have never been wrong – Good bad or indifferent, I can sense it.

But, as of late I had a huge revelation.  I have not been listening to my inner voice for quite some time. I have been telling her to shut it, pipe down, go away and all of those other things.  So she has been sitting in the corner, quietly waiting for me to acknowledge her existence, every once in a while in a faint voice she lets me know that she is still there.  Not following my instincts has made my insecurities fester and manifest into anxiety, irritability and over all just not happy for quite some time now.  I would mask it, and say it is just an off day or I’m just not feeling well, etc.  But, what is at the root of the problem –  My intuition is not being answered or nurtured.

Well, I can’t ignore her any longer. I am not happy and I have to do something about it – Answer her call.  Recently, I did just that.

You see, for the longest time I had been operating in fear and survival mode when it came to my life and my work.  My life was not what I wanted it to be and I needed to acknowledge this.  I was exhausted and felt like I had no where to turn.  I was drowning.


I finally had to take the leap and follow my gut.  She would not steer me wrong. No longer will I operate out of fear, but instead from my instincts.

That is what I have chosen to do.  I can’t reveal too much at this point, but big changes are on the horizon for me and I can not wait to jump in with both feet.  Each day really is an opportunity for change and I am choosing to make the most of this every day!

Thank you all once again for coming along on this blogging journey with me and for taking the time to read my weekly ramblings.   But, before we go, let me ask you this, have you ever gone against your instincts? What happened when you did?

I can’ t wait to hear your feedback.

Until next time,

Love & Light Always,

Dina xxoo


2 thoughts on “Always Trust Your Gut…

  1. Hi, Dina. Congratulations on your decision to follow your instinct! 🙂 I also have many occasions where I didn’t listen to my inner voice and failed. Interestingly, I can’t remember the specifics now–I guess my self-protecting function is working well, where we tend to forget bad experiences, but I do remember telling myself, “If only I listened myself,” enough times.
    Actually, I learned the importance of listening to myself from a Christian friend. I heard him telling his son, “When you feel someone telling you, ‘that’s wrong,’ it’s the voice of God. He’s talking to you. He is always right, so listen to Him.” Sinvce then, I’ve been trying not to ignore the little voice inside me, but occasionally I do make mistakes. But that’s ok because so far it hasn’t ruined my life.
    But a few days ago, something really sad happened and I’m in a state where I cannot see any value in myself–again. I don’t know what will come but your blog was quite timely; that’s what my little voice tells me. So when that moment comes, I will listen to my instinct. Thank you for a nice message!! I hope your new endeavour goes well!


    • Hey Sarah, thank you so much for stopping by and being a constant support in my blogging endeavour and in my life as well! We all make mistakes, the important thing is that we take the time to learn from them and try not to repeat them again. You are amazing, never forget that! xxoo


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