Oh Inspiration – You Elusive Sexy Beast!

Hello My beautiful and sexy blog readers and supporters!

I hope that this week’s ramblings and word shenanigans find you all happy, healthy, a bit more wealthy and maybe a wee bit more wise.  One can hope right!? 😛

Summer is upon us with a vengeance and I am freaking loving it! After making the revelation to you all a couple weeks back about jumping back into the film writing arena I had noticed a few things about myself.

Allow me to explain…


First of all, I have finally come to the realization and acceptance that I am a storyteller at the very core of who I am as a person and more specifically as a woman.  I generally am the one to almost put on a show so to speak when I regal you with my musings or experiences full of funny voices, hand gestures and contorted body configurations.  I love taking you along on the mystical ride and hope you have quite an experience when you do – intrigue, laughter, fear, love, happiness etc. whatever the story entails.  I guess that is why I took to writing my blogs every week, I am in essence taking you all along on my own journey – The story of my life.

Even as a young child I was enthralled with movies – Such a wonderful way to take someone on a magical journey – A way to escape and become anyone or anything you ever wanted to be.  I remember quite vividly at about the age of 5 or 6 I think, I was watching The Wizard Of Oz for what seemed like the umpteenth time on TV, and I was just mesmerized by the magic and fantasy of it all – It was in this moment that I knew I wanted to be apart of this – Not knowing entirely what ‘THIS’ was, or in what capacity I wanted to be apart of it, I just knew in someway I was going to be.  Fast forward to today and once again here I am moving myself closer to realizing that dream.

Now we come to the second part and the basis for this week’s blog – Inspiration, where to get it and how to harness it!

For me, I have had an ongoing, ‘love/hate’ relationship with inspiration – She can be abundant and yet completely elusive at the same time, that sneaky minx!


Inspiration really has no rhyme or reason for me. Where it comes from is never common place or consistent. It could be music, art, film, life, nature, dance, fashion, a PB & J sandwich etc. etc.  I have tried so many different ways to try and harness it, but to no avail.  I find, since I have gone back to walking everyday, that has helped to knock some ideas loose, which I am exploring at the moment. Stay tuned for script announcements 🙂

But I gotta say, one minute it is here and the next poof it’s gone. Or maybe the answer is that I could just have a mild to moderate form of ADHD?  No really, I tend to be all over the place.

Could it be the copious amounts of sugar I can consume in one sitting? I once put four whole boxes of smarties in my mouth on a dare, needless to say my Mother had to peel me off the ceiling from my sugar high.

I really can’t say, but what I can say with undoubted certainty is that my wide and vast ocean of imagination has never waned or faded. It is almost a need not just a want for me. I NEED to be lost in the cascades of lollipop land and gumdrop sunsets, even as I approach 45 years of age next week, EeeeeeeeK.

It really is my escape, it always has been and I believe it always will be. I can be who and what I have always wanted to be with no regret or compromise. In this land, I am beautiful, strong, playful, courageous – Ultimately I am free. Free from judgement, obligation and expectations not only from others, but much more profoundly from within my own self.

Don’t get me wrong, I can feel these things in my everyday life – My work, family and friends allow me to explore these emotions, but in there – My limitless and vast imagination, I have no need for compromise or explanation.  I can just be ME, flaws, quirks and all!

I believe that growing up does not have to mean you have to lose your child like wonder or sense of adventure. No, I think in efforts to put things like, our life and our experiences within it, into nice, neat and ordered little boxes of conformity,  we in fact lose. We lose the very unique and unorthodox pieces that make up who we are in the process.

Our quirks, flaws abnormalities if you will, are what make us, well US.  Those are what make you stand out from the crowd, make you unique and special in my books.  This amusement park of my mind has been closed for far too long and I am excited to gas up the roller coaster and merry go round and just simply enjoy the ride.

Ultimately I have discovered is that I don’t need to harness my inspirations, just delight and feel blessed that I am still able to have them in the confines of my crazy and unpredictable world called my imagination.

Thank you all once again for coming along on this crazy blog ride with me each week and for taking the time to read my shenanigans.  It indeed does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.  But, before we go let me ask you all, where do you find your own inspiration in your life?  Are you able to harness it or is it elusive as it is for me?

I can not wait to read your answers!

Until we meet again,

Love and Light Always,

Dina xxoo


Sometimes in Life You Just Gotta Pivot

Hello My fellow blog lovers and supporters,

Is it hot in here or are you all just beautiful sexy beasts!?

I think it’s both really 🙂

Hot and steamy weather is here with a vengeance and quite frankly I am pleased as punch to see it.

I was recently reminded of a quote from Socrates – YES Socrates I read folks 😛 that said,

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

I found so much intrigue, insight and a slight bit of comfort after reading this quote.

Allow me to explain…

As my 45th birthday is drawing closer I find that I am looking back on what I have done, what I have dreamed of doing and what I feel I have yet to accomplish and I am drawn to some “what could have been’s” or basic “what if’s’ if you like.  Now, this is always a dangerous territory to go down for anyone of any age – Nostalgia is not a bad thing in of itself until you use it as a means to compare, then it can become deadly.


Comparison is the thief of joy as they say, (they being good old Teddy Roosevelt) and he could not have been more right.  If we are constantly comparing ourselves to the past or even others, we are in essence robing ourselves of the motivation and focus to go after our dreams in the present.  ie, ‘I have already failed so why bother’, or ‘I will never be good enough to achieve that.’

This has been my usual cycle and I believe one of the reasons I have not gone after everything that I have wanted to.  But, this is where I am going to buck the ‘Millennial’ parenting phase of telling their kids they can be ANYTHING that want to be in this world – Sorry I believe this is a load of shit.  I mean, what if I wanted to be a mermaid – Your advice to me would be, ‘if you try hard enough and believe it, you will achieve it.” Ummmmm K …

Don’t get me wrong, I do believe in going after your dreams, of course I do!  But, what I believe is that you can TRY to be anything you want to be in this world, but there is no guarantee you will achieve it.  After you have tried all of your avenues and are no way closer to achieving your dream, it may be time to reevaluate or pivot if you will. (Hence the title of this blog – See what I did there) 😛

Pivoting is not giving up, it is merely trying it from another angle or being open to having another dream enter into your consciousness that you may never have considered before.  Being open to change or new opportunities is pivotal in navigating these choppy waters called our lives.  Each of us has a course to navigate but it is up to you to steer the ship in the best way possible to reach your destination.  You may hit choppy patches and have to redirect your course, but in the end you still will reach your destination, so what does it matter as long as you get there right!? (OK enough of the nautical theme – Sheesh I guess since I live in a canal side town I am influenced) 😛

Take me for instance, I had written in a previous post about how your dreams can change in life and that is OK (If you haven’t read it here it is so you are up to speed https://dinaarsenaultblog.wordpress.com/2016/09/13/dream-on/

And I still believe this, vehemently. But, what I have really noticed is that the pivot can in essence bring you back to where you first began as well, which is me in a nutshell at the moment – My desire to write and create films has been ignited once again in me and I am both scared but excited at the prospect!


You see, I have felt this restlessness for quite some time and I finally figured out what has been eating at me – I have been living a safe secure life, making the ‘right’ choices for my life because that was the responsible thing to do, what was expected of me.  To sum it up – I’m bored or unmotivated in my life.  I have not honoured the very core of who I am, a creative being yearning for the opportunity to create and tell the human story on a grander scale.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not angry or bitter as I do believe that everything does happen for a reason and I needed to go through this ‘pivot’ to bring me back to what was lacking in my life – Telling the human story cinematically.  There I said it, I put it out into the ether, can’t take it back now!  I don’t know what capacity this will take in my life, but I do know that it will be a part of it and that is huge revelation at this point.  I do love what I do in social media, I do very much, and quite honestly I am proud to say I am damn good at it – But, it is not enough and I can no longer pretend that it is.

Will you be seeing my big name in lights, maybe, but until then I will be seeing you each and every week right here 🙂

Thank you all once again for taking the time to read and support my ramblings and shenanigans each week, it does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.  Before I leave you, let me ask you this, have you had to pivot in your life? Was it a positive experience?

I can not wait to hear your answers!

Until we meet again,

Love & Light Always

Dina xxoo



It’s Time To Get Back To Basics…

Hello my fellow blog lovers and supporters!

Holy April showers bringing even more showers in May! Our backyard is a freaking lake ya’ll, and if these rain showers keeps going possibly an ocean!  Minus the salt water of course, but I digress. Fingers crossed that sunshine is a coming our way, our soggy yards are begging for it!

As I have been a bit home bound with this soggy weather as of late, something interesting really struck me – I think it is time for me to scale back and get back to some basics in my life.

Allow me explain…

As you all know, I am going through a bit of a transition both in my life and in my career at the moment and along with a bit of anxiety (ahhh of course you are coming along for the party aren’t you old friend)  I realize that my body and my inspiration are crying out for me to just FUCKING STOP AND CHILL ALREADY!

You see, I am one of those people that is always going at full speed.  I am definitely an all or nothing kind of woman and quite frankly my tank is beginning to run on empty!


With having home, personal and work commitments I ALWAYS forget to schedule some ME time into my already very full schedule.  Along with this nagging cough and overall feeling of being run down, it finally hit home for me – Sometimes the best thing you can do for you is just STOP, reevaluate and bring your life back to basics – Simplify baby!

Like most of you, I am always on my smartphone (occupational hazard I know), looking and striving for more in my life, to consume or supposedly to add to the overall ‘joy’ and enjoyment in my life and for those that I care about.  But, why does this quest generally involve a piece of technology?  Why am I looking to technology or the ‘other’ for my own satisfaction, self worth and or happiness? That is kinda messed up when you think about it.

It kind of makes me think of that old dilemma of having too much choice – How much harder it is to make a decision when the choices are endless.  Same can be said for how you live or run your own life.  Having too much can just be that – Too much!

Simplifying and scaling back and reassessing is an important exercise to not only have in your business, but to implement in our day to day lives as well.  A Spring cleaning of the mind, body and soul if you will. This week, I am choosing to follow my own advice and scale back a bit and look inwards and really reassess what it is I want, how do I go about getting it and rewarding myself with some much needed rest to regroup and get ready to transition into this next phase of my life.

Tuning into my own thoughts and emotions is so important in this crazy life journey of mine.  If I don’t listen to my own inner voices how will I be able to know what it is I truly want and desire in my life – I guess this is just a natural progression from me choosing to follow my gut and see what wild and crazy ride it will take me on.  Buckle up as they say!

No matter how many new twists and turns I encounter and boy oh boy the ones I have experienced already have been doozies, I know that I will welcome my front row seat because as they say that is where the best views are!

12239651_10153572001142741_7427596871063791591_nThank you all once again for coming along on this crazy blog journey with me.  Your support and taking the time to read my ramblings each week does not go unnoticed or unappreciated! But before we go, let me ask you this, what can YOU do to scale back or simplify your life to bring back that much needed balance and peace into your own life? I can not wait to hear your answers as I am always looking for new ways to better my life and those that I care about.

Until next time,

Love and Light I send to you always!

Dina xxoo

Today We As Women Celebrate

Hello My fellow blog lovers and supporters,

March is upon us and I and my sinuses can feel that Spring is right around the corner.  I am ready for it, how about you?

Recently, I had the privilege to attend the Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce‘s  16th Annual International Woman’s Day Event in the beautiful Club Roma located right here in the Niagara Region.  As I entered the beautifully decorated ballroom filled with elegance, beauty and sparkle befitting the gorgeous women who we were gathering to celebrate- Niagara’s own Women Entrepreneurs, I was again reminded how fortunate I am to have found my tribe of like minded women entrepreneurs.  These last three years have been a whirlwind of networking, events and meeting and talking with other business owners. This foundation allowed me to enter this room not by myself but greeted with so many familiar and friendly faces that I can proudly call my tribe and more importantly my friends.  Hugs, greetings and lively small talk magnificently complimented the positive energy of the room filled with vendors and women looking to connect, inspire and be inspired.


We were asked to take our seats so the days festivities could begin.  Ruth Unrau, focus Coach and Past Chair of Women in Niagara and lucky for us today’s MC, graciously gave her introductions and the speeches began.  Compliments, heart felt words and all around inspiration filled the room as each courageous women took the podium to present her part of our Niagara story outlining the impact of women entrepreneurship right here in the region.  No one more inspiring was the day’s International Women’s Day Award Recipient, Rosemary Hale – accomplished author and the first female to be appointed dean in my old Alma Mater Brock University.  Rosemary epitomizes this year’s theme of #BeBoldForChange; her willingness to pioneer her own path, not allowing her gender or societal prejudices to stop her from going after her dreams and her resounding proclamation that “we can and will get so much further if go it together”  solidifies that I am indeed on the right path and surrounded by the right women.

Our keynote speaker Teresa Cascioli – small town Hamilton girl who has done extremely well – Former CEO of Lakeport Brewing and author of M is for Money was the next to graciously take the stage. Through her tenacity and very strong work ethic, she was able to bring a bankrupt private company (Lakeport Brewing) and in turn sell it as a publicly funded corporation for over 221 million dollars in 8 short years. 8 short years of blood, sweat, tears and ironically gratitude.  You wouldn’t think that someone who was able to accomplish such an amazing feet such as this, would say that “working with purpose” and to remind yourself that “success is fleeting, practice gratitude everyday” would be the one of the keys to what she attributes to her success; but it is.  This was a wonderful reminder that we are not guaranteed tomorrow, today is the only certainty that we have and we need to learn to really live and not merely exist.

Being surrounded by my wonderful colleagues and being able to witness the energy and passion of our wonderful presenters, truly has made be acknowledge and realize how fortunate I am to live in the the time that I do and the region that I do, because here, my dreams CAN come true.  So many women in other parts of the world are not given access to resources, knowledge or the support and guidance of other women to let them realize that their dreams do matter – They matter.  I was never more reminded of this than I was today, in Club Roma with all of my beautifully inspiring and supportive sisters of women entrepreneurs right here in Niagara.

So much gratitude!

A heartfelt thank you for each and every one of you for just being your inspiring selves and for coming along on this blogging journey with me.  Your support and taking the time to read my ramblings each week does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.  But, before I go I would like to ask you this, what or who in your circle inspires YOU?

I can not wait to hear your answers!

Until we meet again,

Love and Light I send to you always,

Dina xxoo

My definition of success

Hello My Fellow Blog Lovers and Supporters,

Here we are again, embarking on a new week, new goals and new responsibilities to fulfill. I must say this glorious almost Spring like weather has made achieving those that much more enjoyable!

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend the Haste & Hustle Marketing Conference right here in the Niagara Region.  In fact, here is a Facebook LIVE I did directly from the event, check it out!

But I digress, while I was watching Gary Vaynerchuk the CEO and founder of Vaynermedia speak, (as mentioned in the video), he said something that really resonated with me, “Find your own definition of success, because no amount of money is a direct correlation to your own happiness.”

Seriously, mind blown!

This got me thinking – What does success mean to me?

I really had to take some time, be quiet and look within and really pinpoint what success would look like for me.  It has not been an  A + B = C answer that is for sure, more like A + B= Infinity and beyond.  So this is where I had to sit down and really map it out and see on paper what true success or happiness really would look like specifically for me and my value system.


First of all, I need to be working in a career I love.  A career where I get to help people and assist them in some way achieve their own goals for success.  Well, it would seem like I would have this one covered.  My business of social media management and coaching for small business owners genuinely allows me to assist others to go after and achieve their own goals of business success.  When I see my client land a new customer because of the relationships we worked so hard on establishing online for them, it literally makes my heart sing! No really it does.  I really do ❤ what I do and ❤ when I get to experience those moments with my clients!


Second of all, I want to be surrounded by those I love and care about and nurture those relationships.  Moving back into the Niagara region has allowed me to do just that.  I live with my Mom and Stepdad, my sister lives 5 minutes away, my brother a 1/2 an hour away as well as my best friend.  Having the opportunity to rekindle and reconnect with these people has been a wonderful experience to say the least.  I never realized how lonely I truly was out West until I moved back and was able to experience these relationships once again.  I really was missing out, and getting to watch my precocious, smart and funny great nephew grow up has been beyond wonderful.  Gawd I LOVE that kid!

Lastly, I want to own my own home decorated and filled with the things that make me feel inspired and loved.  Pictures of those I love, items that I picked up from my travels, books and objects that evoke memories or feelings of peace, fun and tranquility.  Have dinner parties where I can invite those I care about to come and sit around my table, eat the food I lovingly prepared for them, laughing and drinking wine the night away, really is an evening of bliss in my books.  I do live in a comfortable home that I have carefully chosen to decorate my ‘rooms’ with these very such things.  However, I do not own it.

So as they say, 2 1/2 out of 3 ain’t bad!

So as you can see, my wants and desires are pretty simple and I by no means am rich.  Not that I am looking to be rich, but improving that part of my life is one of my goals for me and my business this year.  To make a comfortable income so I can afford these luxuries I have outlined and through in world travel into the yearly mix as well.  So I guess what I am trying to say is, Gary was right, the amount of money you make does not equate the amount of happiness you will feel.  But, it does help a bit doesn’t it 😛

So I guess I am well on my way to creating the ‘successful’ life I have envisioned for myself, now the bigger question is, how do I morph into Ashley Graham so I can have the trifecta of happiness? 😛

Thank you once again for taking the time to read my weekly ramblings and supporting me on my blogging journey.  But, before I go, let me ask you this, what is YOUR definition of success?  I can’t wait to hear your answers!

Until we meet again,

Love & Light I send to you always,

Dina xxoo


It’s All In How You Choose To Look At It

Hello My Fellow Blog Lovers and Followers,

Well we have done it, we are officially in the second week of February, and might I say the home stretch until the start of Spring (fingers crossed).  But, I find myself in the same quandary I do every year, the quandary of Valentine’s Day, or is it one?

Allow me to explain…

Now I know, many of you HATE this ‘pseudo holiday’ as you like to call it, saying it is nothing but a commercialized ploy by the mainstream to sell more chocolates and expensive presents.  It just puts pressure on those in relationships to live up to the unreachable standards put forth by this day, and it is rigged to make those who are single to feel horrible about their self worth and desirability towards their desired sexual interests.

Now, don’t get me wrong I used to be apart of this mob mentality as well.  Saying down with Valentines and all the negative connotations associated with it!


I mean the only good thing about it was the half price chocolate you get on Feb 15th right?

But, one year I decided to look within and see it from another perspective…

What if, instead of looking at it from the negative, we, I mean me, chose to look at it from a positive perspective, the perspective of celebrating LOVE in all of its glorious forms.  Why does Valentine’s Day have to ONLY be about romantic love?  Why can’t it be about the celebration of LOVE in all of its beautiful, raw and overwhelming variations – friends, family, neighbours, co-workers, fur babies, fellow human beings. You name it, let’s celebrate it!

Once you flip that switch so to speak and flip the script to the positive, you would be amazed at how wonderful a holiday or an experience you will encounter.  In addition,  your day to day life will open up to greet you and shape how you see and relate to things.  It really does boil down to your mindset.

Now being a small business owner, I have found that this can apply to how I run my business as well.  If I were to have the mindset of never being good enough or overwhelmed with paying the bills or finding new clients to keep myself a float then, that is what will happen.  The energy you put out into the world is the exact energy you will receive.

Now you may not believe in the power of attraction, but I assure you I have seen it work in my own life.  When I acknowledge my feelings, be they negative and I allow myself to reset my energy and my mindset to positive you would be amazed at the outcome – More energy, more feelings of accomplishment, more clients have come my way and my confidence in what I can accomplish has skyrocketed.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not Polly Anna happiness all the time, seriously I am human just like you and I have days where wine and chocolate seem to be the only elixir for the crazy beast of emotion brewing inside of me.

But, now I know how to sense them, defuse them, release them and redirect them towards the positive.  That is huge for my emotional well being and for own sense of wellness and confidence.  But, I truly do believe most of this is due to the company of people I choose to surround myself with. They say you will resemble the characteristics and values of the top 5 people you hang out with the most.  If you hang around negative people you will inevitably become negative in your thoughts and outlooks.  Fortunately, the same can be said if you surround yourself with positive people as well.  I feel so fortunate to have found my tribe of like minded entrepreneurs who are all about community and support and lifting not only their businesses, but those in the Niagara region as well.  So what I am really trying to say, is that it’s a no brainer – Find your tribe!

If you are looking to change you life the answer can be found in changing your mindset, it is really as easy as that!


Thank you all once again for coming along on my blogging journey with me, your support and taking the time to read my ramblings each week does not go unnoticed or unappreciated! But, before I go, let me ask you this, what are some of your tips for changing a negative situation into a positive one?  I would love to hear your answers!

Until we meet again,

Love & Light I send to you always,

Dina xxoo

2017 – The Year To Shake Things Up


Hello My Fellow Blog Lovers & Followers!

I gotta say I am not sorry in the slightest for the lovely mild weather we have been having for our winter here in Niagara – Fingers crossed it stays this way as we head into February – Yes FEBRUARY already!

Gotta say, January has been a bit of a blur for me thus far, with lovely new things happening with my business, using my passion planner, vision boards, guest blogging, networking and biz referrals, it has been quite a good first few weeks of the new year I do have to say.  However, when one part of my life is going well, the other parts kinda get left in the dust sadly.

Allow me to explain…

I decided as the clock stuck 2017 that I was going to go all in on my business this year, really give it everything that I got and make it into the powerhouse that I know she can be.

Something you need to know about me is that when I go all in, I go FREAKING ALL IN!

Now some of you may think, “well how is this a bad thing?” Well, what you don’t know about me is that when I go all in on something, I go all in to the point that the other aspects of my life kinda fall to the wayside.  My relationships, my health, my down time, family etc.

See my problem?

My theme words for 2017 are Balance and Growth – Well I am achieving the growth part, now I need to work on the balance part.  I have noticed that my usual watching what I eat and inflecting exercise into my daily routine has definitely fallen to the wayside as of yet and my old habits are creeping back in.  My weight has plateaued and so has my energy levels.

So, in a moment of  spontaneity I signed up for this years THE 5K FOAM FEST TORONTO taking place on July 15, 2017! Eeeeeeeek


No more phoning it in.  I have to train so I can complete this.  If I have something to focus on then I WILL make the time to put the energy into achieving it.  Yeah, just doing it for the betterment of me as the end goal, really doesn’t cut it for me to be honest. I know, I know it should – What can I say I am a work in progress 😛

Of course I will keep you all in the loop on my training wins and losses.  You are my peeps after all 🙂

Next step, I would like to start each day with a morning meditation, just so I can get my mind in the right place and set the tone for the day.  Not to mention, I need to get back to my yoga practice, I felt so much better when I did do it on a regular basis.

So there you have it universe, here is my new found  focus on achieving balance in my home and work life that I have been searching for probably the better part of my adult life.

I know that this is not going to be easy, but being aware of my actions and stepping back and refocusing on me and what I need to achieve the best version of me is a freaking huge step for me.  And that I am certainly very proud of!

Time to dust off those running shoes and lulu lemons and get some fitness on! Whose with me?  Together let’s make 2017 the year for focus, growth and balance for all of us!

If balance and growth doesn’t resonate with you – Then let me ask you, what is YOUR focus or key terms for 2017, I would love to know!

Once again, thank you all for coming along on this blog journey with me.  You taking the time to read them and continuously giving me your support does not go unnoticed or unappreciated!

Until we meet again,

Love and Light I send to you all,

Dina xxoo

It’s Time To Go All In on Me…

Hello my fellow blog lovers and followers!

Can you believe we are already onto our second week of 2017!  Time sure does fly when you are having fun 🙂

Now an interesting thing happened to me on the way to my office.  Yes my office is located directly across the hall from my bedroom, but whose counting 😛

Anywho, last week I got up on a Tuesday as I normally do, picked up my phone and checked it for any messages or engagements that may have occurred on my clients or my social media pages over the course of the night as some of my clients have international followers.  I know, I know – Not even a cup of coffee or brush my teeth before I launch into work?? I get it, I may seem a bit obsessive or some may call it committed to my work, but in the end that is what my clients pay me for after all.  Don’t worry, before I get the comments, “but what about you and your well being?”  Not to fret, balance is one of my key objectives that I am focusing on in 2017.

But I digress, nothing eventful so I continue downstairs and jump into the shower and get ready to tackle the day.  As I finish getting ready I notice that I have a voicemail message on my phone.  As per what you do, I listened to it.  To my surprise it was a call from a local Chamber of Commerce asking if I would like to come in for an interview for an open Special Events & Communications Specialist contract position with their organization. Needless to say I was surprised.  Promptly I called them back and spoke to the woman whom I was to be replacing as she was going on maternity leave.  We agreed upon a time for me to come in.  Got off the phone, curious and a bit excited at the possible prospect of having a 40 hour a week job, stable and secure income coming in.  A feeling that I am all to well accustomed to feeling and living.  Never really gave it much more thought, went about my day.  Dinner time came about, as I sat eating my dinner, thoughts of this new job prospect came trickling into my head.  “So if I get this job, I can still have my business, I can just work around it.  I can work as soon as I get home to schedule my client’s posts into the night.  Of course I would have to use my lunch hour to check for engagement during the day.  Probably would have to give up the gym, or extra curriculars and what if I land another client, how would I fit that work in?  All relevant ideas I needed to consider.


Finally it hit me, “when is it going to be the right time to go all in on you Dina?”  Having and growing your business has been your passion for the last 10 months, so why are you willing to put that on hold for a temporary stable position?

You know what, I wasn’t ready to give that up!  I am worth the time and dedication I have put into me and my business and as scary as it is, moving forward and truly committing even further to growing my business, IS the right direction for me.


Because I finally believe and realize that I am worth it.  Worth the work, dedication and commitment from who else ME!  2017 is the year that I dedicate to my financial, spiritual, emotional and physical well being through acquiring balance and growth in all of these areas of my life.  Self Care and Self Worth are on the menu this year and I am ready for many, many helpings!

Needless to say, the very next morning I called the very nice lady I spoke too the day before and let her know my plans.  She was so grateful that I took the time to call and let her know, many would just not show up.  Side note:  Even if you aren’t taking a position with a company, don’t be rude and just not show up, common courtesy goes a long way not only in life but in business as well.  Who knows you may need to use their services in the future and having left on a positive foot will get you much further in the process.

So there you have it – 2017 is the year I go all in on me!  Eek not gonna lie I am scared, excited, overwhelmed and determined all rolled up into one.  It is going to be one hell of a ride but did I mention that roller coasters are one of my favs! 😛


Thank you all again for coming along on this crazy blog ride with me, your support does not do unnoticed or unappreciated. But, before I go, let me ask you this – What is your focus either personal or professional for 2017?  I can’t wait to hear your answers!

Until we meet again,

Love & Light I send to you always,

Dina xxoo

Passion Planning for 2017

Hello My Fellow Blog Lovers!

I hope that your holidays were everything that you had wanted and hoped them to be!

Mine was filled with food, fun, family, drink and did I mention food? 😛

The start of another new year always makes me reflect about how I want the coming days to be, both personally and business wise.  But, what if this year I inject a bit of ‘passion’ into my ‘new year new me’ parameters?

Allow me explain…

Every year it is the same thing.  A new year rolls in and I immediately go to my ‘resolutions’ of how I am going to:

  1. Lose weight
  2. Exercise more
  3. Focus on my family
  4. Focus on me
  5. Be more financially sound
  6. Find a committed loving relationship
  7. Blah Blah Blah…

You see, I am no different than you, I have all the gusto to tackle all the ‘things’ I think I need to have and do in order to truly BE happy in my life.  At least the things that I have been told over the years what I am supposed to want and need.  But, like most, by Valentines Day, life gets in the way of well my ‘new life’ goals and old, familiar habits creep back like a worn in sweater full of holes and faded but still comforting and soothing in its destructive, self deprecating nature.

You see in theory, resolutions are not a bad thing, the very nature of planning on what and how you plan to achieve your  goals is paramount for success in anything both personal and business wise you intend to do.  The problem lies in the how and why we set these resolutions.  If we only verbally say we want to lose weight and not do the due diligence of researching what the latest research on weight loss is ; what are the pros and cons of different programs out there and what exactly do I mean by ‘losing weight’ –  Is it 10 lbs, 20lbs or 50lbs?  Who am I as a person when following programs or guidelines?  Do I like strict guidelines or do I like to find my own way? Am I a morning person or night owl? And so on and so on.

Do you see the problem here?  Why we eventually give up and go back to what we know, which is failure in my case.?  If we don’t understand our true how and our true why for wanting to achieve whatever it is we want to achieve, setbacks and roadblocks which honestly are inevitable in any new direction in life will ALWAYS derail us and divert us back to our old behaviours.

This year, I really took the time to be quiet and look within and see what it was that I was truly feeling and wanting out of my life, not what I think I was supposed to want.  What I came up with is Balance and Growth in the my overall emotional, spiritual, physical and financial health.  Seems pretty straight forward right?  Or is it?


Instead of keeping everything I want to achieve inside of me and kind of fly by the seat of my pants, this time I have chosen a different route – I am going to plan, passion plan every detail.  You see I did something I have never done before I bought a Passion Planner to help me organize my thoughts, my goals and my actionable plans to achieve them.  This is huge for me as I have never approached me and my life this way – methodically and deliberate.  I have generally been a ‘go with the flow’ and wing it when necessary kind of girl.  Quite frankly that ain’t cutting it anymore.

So here we go, passion planning the top 10 things I want to achieve this year including what are the daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly steps I need to do in order to achieve this.  Phew, my brain hurts so far but I am feeling empowered and excited for actually having a clear focus and plan on how to achieve what I truly and passionately desire in my life.  Scary, exciting, exhausting, overwhelming but eagerly anticipating the life I have truly envisioned for myself.

To help get this ball rolling even more I have also enrolled in a Vision Board making workshop on Jan 17th with Crystal D’Cunha of The Inside View.  I have never done a real vision board either.  I am excited to tap into my deep seated wants and desires and bring them to the surface and write them down.  As Crystal says, “Once you write it down, it becomes real”

It becomes real and the work begins for doing what needs to be done in order to make them come true.  After all, that is what this journey called our life is all about right!?

I will keep you updated on how this social experiment goes for me, who knows I just might keep those resolutions after all 🙂


Thank you once again for taking the time to read and follow my blog every week.  Your support does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.  But before I go let me ask you, what goals have you planned for you and your business this year?  What strategy have you put in place to allow you to achieve them?  I can’t wait to hear your answers!

Until next time,

Love & Light I send to you always,

Dina xxoo



The Magic of Stepping Into What You Are Capable Of

Hello Fellow Blog Lovers,

Another week has come and gone and here we are again.  The weather is starting to get colder but the full bloom of the brilliant fall colours is breathtaking here in Niagara and I am feeling so grateful to live where I do and be surrounded by such beauty; pure bliss.

This week’s topic, stepping outside of our comfort zones and how amazing it is to witness it in another.

OK, let’s begin…


If you follow me on social media you know that recently I attended and participated in the GWEn Conference here in Niagara.  GWEn or (Growing Women Entrepreneur Network) is the brain child of Jenn Wallace; financial adviser and business coach. This will be the third time I have attended but the second time that I have participated in the event.

What do I mean by participated you ask?  Well let me tell you 🙂

Last year, I was asked to be on the Social Media Expert Panel on stage in front of the entire group which let me tell you is not my forte.  I felt nervous, sweaty, my heart was racing. But, I forced myself outside of my comfort zone and did it anyway.  Felt like I rambled and spoke very quickly but more importantly I SURVIVED! I think that is the biggest reward we get when we push ourselves, we break the invalidated notions that if we do the task we are required to do “outside of our comfort zones” we some how will not survive.  WRONG!  You will not only survive but in essence you open the door for new tasks and experiences that you would never have allowed yourself to experience before, scary but a sure fire WIN in my books.

Fast forward to this year, and Jenn once again has asked me to participate in GWEn, not only as a Public Relations and the Small Biz Owner Panelist, but I also was the Social Media Expert for Table Talks, a portion of the day where participants can sign up to sit at tables with different types of experts for a round-table if you will, asking questions hoping to find help in their overall business development, as well as having my own booth fully equipped with Selfie Station and what I like to call fun and shenanigans!

I would be remiss if I didn’t include the Facebook Live Video we shot during our Table Talks at GWEn, where I demonstrated to the lovely women entrepreneurs who graciously asked me to help them out with not only how, but why they should be including Facebook Live in their overall biz marketing. Such a fun group and a learning lesson for me on why you need to make sure you hit finish at the end of your vid! 😛

This year, was much different for me being on that stage in front of the entire group, I felt almost at ease, a confidence in what I do and my own expertise in my field.  Something I NEVER felt last year, sitting up there shaking with my notes in my hand, nervous and looking for any exit to get off that stage.  If I had never forced myself to get on that stage last year I wouldn’t of had the opportunities that have befallen me since; I spoke to a group of PR students at Seneca College, I was a guest speaker for CoWork Niagara’s WriteTricks series, I spoke with the ladies of Mom Entrepreneurs Niagara about social media as well as to the members of the Port Colborne BIA.  Each event enabled me to gain more confidence and assurance that I not only know but I am actually pretty darn good at what I do, there I said it!  So since this door has been opened a crack, I hope to possibly open it just that little bit further.  Here goes, universe don’t fail me now – I Dina Arsenault would like to add more speaking engagements in my future so I can expand my services and items that I can offer prospective clients and organizations. Phew, careful what you wish for huh, I may regret this later 😛

But my story doesn’t end here, as I had mentioned in the opening, we are in full fall bloom here in Niagara and before it transforms into Winter, I wanted to get out and experience it first hand.  Last weekend, I decided that I was going to grab the dogs and head out to Balls Falls and really experience the beauty that is Autumn.  Knowing that walking is involved in this endeavor, I decided to still ask my Mom if she wanted to come along and spend the day with me and the dogs enjoying each other’s company and the beautiful day.  Most of you are thinking, well of course your Mom would love to go and do that, who wouldn’t she!?

Well what some of you don’t know is that my Mom has a permanent inner ear problem and because of that is unsteady on her feet and requires a walker when she has to walk any distance.  So getting out and walking down the long and windy ramp and over to the Falls is very challenging and some what intimidating for her, ie.  this is outside of HER comfort zone.  With some encouragement and support she decided that she would take the leap and go for it.  As we began our journey down the path to the Falls I could see that she was a bit unsure, but one thing you need to know about my Mom is that she is not a quitter a bit stubborn if you will (Gee I always wondered where I got it from)  and she DID IT!

The look of accomplishment and validation on her face was just fucking priceless.  I was never more proud of her not allowing fear to take this moment and the day spent in nature away from her.  We had a blast, walking around, looking at the Fall colours, hanging out with each other and our fur babies.  Side note:  I believe EVERY photographer in Niagara was there that day – baby pics, engagement pics, family pics, dog pics, pregnancy pics, you name they were being taken that day, felt like we were walking onto a film set or something..lol..

So I guess as the old saying goes, even if you are scared, do it anyways!  Unless of course you will be seriously injured in the process, yeah I say don’t do that 😛  Who knows what other fears I may confront next, skydiving anyone!?

The sky really is the limit when you really start living beyond what you think you are capable of and finally take those risks and allow yourself to experience successes and failures, allowing each of them to teach you something, enabling you to grow as a person and as a business owner.  I know I will be, who is with me!?

Thank you once again for taking the time to read my ramblings each week that does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.  But before I go, I would like to ask you all, what baby step could you take today that would allow you get outside of your comfort zone and confront what ever it is that scares you?  I would love to hear your answers and feedback is always welcome.

Until we meet again,

Love & Light I send to you always,

Dina xxoo