ReHolistically Speaking & Me

Hello all and thank you for joining me for another week!

This week’s topic is going to be a bit different, yesterday I had the privilege to receive a Black Pearl Session with the wonderful and intuitive Agnes Apps, the owner and fellow GWEn member of ReHolistically Speaking right here in St. Catharines.  I had the pleasure to hear Agnes speak a few weeks back at an evening entitled EMPOWER, put on by the lovely Jenn Wallace, CEO and Founder of GWEn (Growing Women Entrepreneur Network)

Agnes, riveted the entire room with her captivating life story which lead her down the path to helping others holistically through Meditation, Reiki, Black Pearl and Etheric Health Practicing.  How she navigated her journey in her own words:

“I learned I had a voice. I learned I could share my feelings. I learned not to be so afraid. Most importantly I learned that what everyone else is thinking, feeling and expecting, is NOT about ME. So, I let that sh*t go!  My goal now, is to help other women do the same thing. To relieve their minds of chatter, their bodies of stress and their lives of other people’s expectations.”

So needless to say when I was awarded the door prize of a free Black Pearl Session with Agnes, I knew that I was in for some in depth self discovery.


To be honest, I really didn’t know what to expect when I arrived at Agnes’s lovely home. Prior to my meeting I was asked to wear comfortable clothes and have no hairspray or gel in my hair.  Ummmm ok, I just rolled with it, but thank the lord for baseball caps!

I was greeted with a warm hello and a bright smile that could put anyone at ease.  I was lead down a hall to the therapy room.  Before we started, Agnes asked me a series of questions, so that she could have a better grasp on my life experiences and what negative or traumatic emotions or experiences I could be consciously or subconsciously holding onto without even knowing it.  Even while talking at this point I could already feel some deep emotions start to come to the surface.  You see I learned a long time ago some things you never really ‘get over’, you just learn to navigate them and not let them affect you the way they have been, but, underneath the surface remnants of whatever they may be will always be there as a reminder of where you have been and how far you have already come.

I was then asked to get on the very comfortable and inviting treatment table, very much the same as you would see in a spa.  Before we began, Agnes let me know that things could happen to me while I am in treatment; I could be overcome with emotion, I could become very tired, I could have visions of people or places, I could feel very energized afterwards, or none of the above.  This experience is different for everyone, and ultimately it is my journey and how open I am willing to let my body and spirit be to this new experience is entirely up to me.

Yoga lotus pose. Padmasana with colored chakra points.

Low but soothing wave sounds began to play, a warm and fuzzy blanket was wrapped around my legs and waist.  A soft but pleasant almost citrus like essential oil was gently applied to the base of my neck and my temples and once I took 3 deep and relaxing breaths my treatment began.  I continued taking deep breaths as Agnes began her gentle bodywork on my temple and over my body.  Continuing with her own deep breaths to be in tune with the energies I was giving off and the ones my body was holding onto.  New sensations did come over my body, almost a relief of tiny tingling sensations left me.  As I relaxed even further, I actually drifted off to sleep, snoring and all.  Sorry Agnes for the drool 😛

But while I was under, images of vivid fluid colours came flooding in, along with random images of people and places that I didn’t know or had been before washed over me as well. I wasn’t confused or scared, I just relaxed into it and let it happen.  I am not sure what the significance of these images are but I was not perplexed by them just accepting.  Possibly, these people and places could be spirits from the other side trying to come through?  It could be my imagination going over board and creating them, I am not really sure.

Before I knew it, my session was over.  Slowly, I opened my eyes and refocused them and my body to move again.  I had a feeling of calm come over me.  My legs felt heavy and I needed to slowly move them to get the blood flowing again.  Gingerly, I rose my body up and knew I was changed.  Knowing that I have a higher level of intuition within me and I have the ability to tap into it by being present and being still is such a gift.  I think by starting my yoga teacher training where we practice the art of finding the beauty and spirituality within ourselves and our everyday lives really laid the groundwork for me to really keep my mind and body open to this session with Agnes.  You get back what you put out into this world, so if you put the energy out that you are closed off and not accepting of new and positive energy or emotion then I don’t know if you will be able to get the same benefit as I was able to from this experience.  But, if you are present, open and accepting of new and positive energy to enter within you and for you to give off, then I highly recommend that you give Agnes a shout and begin your journey of releasing that internal chatter and stress we all carry as women and really learn to let go and just have the freedom to be YOU!


Thank you once again Agnes for the amazing experience you helped me guide myself through and I know that I will take my new found intuition with me for the rest of my days.

As always, I love hearing feedback and comments, have you ever had a session like the one I had with Agnes?  I would love to hear about it!

Until next time,

Love and Light Always,

Dina xxoo



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